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Connecticut Holiday

New England is a region of America that spans six states - Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and New Hampshire - and it makes an excellent destination to visit on America holidays.


To get the most out of your time in the area, you may want to opt for a fly/drive USA package to enable you travel freely once you land in the US and see as many sights of interest as possible on your New England holiday.

But where should you begin? Connecticut could be the perfect place to start your trip and immerse yourself in the atmosphere and scenery of New England.

As its name suggests, the early European settlers noticed similarities between the region and England, with many places even named after English towns, cities or counties - such as Cheshire, Essex, Glastonbury and Bristol.

One of the reasons that the area earned its name is because of its stunning countryside and you will certainly find many places in Connecticut where you can appreciate the great outdoors.

If you fancy a sedate stroll, why not head to the Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens in Hartford? The grounds are full of beautifully-kept rose bushes, which come into bloom in the summer and promise to provide a picturesque setting.

There are also numerous trails around the park, so you can follow one that suits your mood, whether you want to admire the flowers or are keen to spot some local wildlife.

Another pastime that is a great option if you want to get out and about is golf - and Connecticut certainly has some excellent greens for you to tee off on.

If you are keen to see the region from a different perspective, you may want to visit Avon, where you can take a kayak or canoe tour down the Farmington River. There is nothing more relaxing than drifting along a beautiful waterway at your own pace, enjoying the scenery that rolls by.

Of course, you could also choose to take an excursion that allows you to learn about some of the state's literary characters - with Huckleberry Finn one of the most famous creations to come out of Connecticut.

Another option on your New England fly drive holidays is to learn a little about Connecticut's history. From the Native Americans to its African American and seafaring communities, you will find an attraction detailing the past of each one.

Glastonbury is a good place to begin for some localised history, with its Museum on the Green. Here you can find out about the Native Americans who once called the region home, as well as looking at the development of industry in New England.

You will also be able to view portraits of some of the town's most prominent citizens during a visit here.

Next on your list for a good overview of the state's past should be the Museum of Connecticut History in its capital Hartford. Here you can peruse exhibits of firearms from various periods in time, as well as being able to see the Connecticut Royal Charter.

And you should make sure that your journey into the state's history does not neglect its African American community. The city is home to a Heritage Trail, which will take you to some of the most important sites and buildings for the African Americans living in the area.

Connecticut has a stretch of coastline as well as its inland regions, so you should ensure you include a stop off here on your itinerary for your American fly drive break.

A great place to find out more about the seafaring history of the state is to visit Mystic. Here you will be able to enjoy the leading maritime museum in the US - Mystic Seaport.

This recreation of a 19th century port is a fantastic place to spend a day. In its harbour you will be able to see vessels from years gone by moored up to the pontoons, while craftsmen and women will show off their skills to visitors.

When you explore the attraction, you will also find there is a planetarium here, as well as a substantial collection of maritime photography.

Connecticut Holiday